About Us

Innovation and Drive

Dent Physicians was founded as an answer to a gap in services in the automotive industry. Ruben Abell has been employed in the automotive industry since 1982 and it comes as no surprise that he has always kept a close eye on the growing trends of this particular industry. Out of everything Ruben noticed in the 80s, the thing that bothered him the most was the standard practices of dent repair specialists. Body shops everywhere would repaint, and often, replace entire panels of cars. Ruben knew there had to be an easier, more affordable alternative for auto body repair.

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Happy Customer

“We have never once sent a customer away unsatisfied.”

In 1990, Ruben first opened Dent Physicians as a paintless dent removal company. They spent the next 27 years improving and perfecting the art of paintless dent repair and have never once sent a customer away unsatisfied. Any problems that a client may experience will be promptly addressed and fixed. Whether you need a door ding fixed or a Kansas City hail damage repair, Dent Physicians will help you every step of the way. The Dent Physicians team is made up of 6 dent repair specialists, all of which are trained in the best practices of paintless dent repair. In addition, Dent Physicians also offers conventional auto body repair and auto polishing services to make sure their clients can get the exact autobody repair they desire.