Auto Detailing

More Than Just a Wash

Auto detailing is far more than a wash and wax job on your car’s exterior. While soap, water and wax is certainly a good place to start, to truly separate your vehicle from the rest, paying attention to every crevice, every curve, and every individual panel of your vehicle’s body. For the customer that wants the best for their car, Dent Physicians offers in-depth polishing and auto detailing services for every component of the vehicle.

A Revitalized Look, Inside and Out

Dent Physicians wants to make sure your car looks brand new, inside and out! To that end, we offer interior car detailing in addition to our exterior polishing services. We believe that if a client wants their car to look its absolute best, then you deserve nothing less. From polishing every inch of your vehicle’s body, to shampooing seats and vacuuming in every crevice, we will make sure your car looks as good as it did the first day it was taken out of the dealership.


Using a high quality polish, we are able to get your entire vehicle to shine. The polish allows you to get the most out of your car’s paint job, while also feeding the paint much needed oils that will keep it from drying out. We apply polish to the follow parts of the car:


  • Headlight polishing
  • Wheel polishing
  • Auto body polish
White Car Being Repaired

Interior Car Detailing

If you want a full auto detailing, the interior is a great starting point, starting with the exterior runs the risk of any dirt and dust from within the car to settle on the freshly cleaned body! Dent Physicians performs a deep clean of your cars interior, including vacuuming and washing the floor mats, dashboard and carpet.

Auto Detailing

Auto detailing begins with an in-depth clean of the car’s body. Removing accumulated dirt and dust allows us to determine what kind of work needs to be done to give your car that highly sought after shine. We will complete the job with a three stage polish.

Auto Detailing